Pharma Software Used by PCD Pharma Company in India

Pharma Software Used by PCD Pharma Company in India- Using software application is a common practice among the PCD pharma companies in India. Whether small, medium or large, all companies use software to run their business operations. A PCD franchise company is no special case. The Indian pharma industry operates on a global scale, therefore, use of software application by a pharma PCD franchise company is mandatory to stay ahead. Since we have various pharma PCD franchise companies in India, the requirement for software is important.

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Numerous software applications used by a pharma PCD franchise company are available in India, but how do you know to choose which one is beneficial for you? We have brought a list of the 10 best software that a pharma PCD company in India can use.

Software List for the Best PCD Pharma Company in India

The best PCD pharma company follows the best policies, procedures, and applications to be the best PCD Pharma Company in India. Therefore, regardless of whether you are a new PCD Franchise Company or a pre-established pharma PCD company in India, you must choose one of the following software applications for your business.

  1. MARG ERP 9

MARG ERP 9 is one of the best-positioned software applications available in India used by PCD pharma companies in India. Both, big and small, Pharma PCD Company in India can use this software. It is unique because its customized-to-order feature enables the product to be customized to suit the requirements of both the company and the clients.


Logic Pharma is one of the best 10 software applications targeting the ERP vertical of a PCD franchise company. Logic Pharma empowers the Pharma Company to beat business challenges in an ideal way which is both productive and moral.


Pharma Care is one of the best pharmacy software applications used by wholesale PCD pharma companies in India and retailers to take care of the bookkeeping aspect of the business. Companies use the software for keeping track of the stock, billing, etc.

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Pharma Soft is a leading software application used by the pharma PCD franchise companies across India. Organizations confronting quality issues can enhance their frameworks utilizing this quality enhancement program.


Medismo Pharma CRM is the most ideal approach to control your pharma task whenever and from any place on the planet. Regardless of whether it is building relations with contacts and following up with specialists, stockists, wholesalers, you could do everything through Medismo Pharma CRM.


Medeil Plus is a pharmacy software used for its cost-effectiveness. The software application is largely used by chemists and clinics to deal not only with prescriptions from the doctors but also for OTC sales.

  1. TALLY.ERP 9

Tally.ERP 9 is the most well-known ERP software application used by companies throughout India to keep a tab on accounts, inventory, and payroll. It decreases the complexities that accompany GST effortlessly.

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  1. SAP

SAP has changed how organizations functioned, how organizations managed different departments regardless of the size of the company. One of the first software applications to be introduced, SAP is utilized to coordinate cross-practical area through a single interfacing medium.


Innova software is one of the best 10 software applications used by pharma franchise companies in India where partnering is concerned. This application keeps records of partnering information that can be the contacts of partners, organizations, meeting details, contracts, and so on.


Open MRS is an open software application used to help deliver health care aid to developing and underdeveloped nations. The framework can be utilized in destitution ridden zones and can be annexed with new information, highlights, and reports without installing the application.

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If you already have a PCD franchise company or thinking about starting one, then make sure you used either of the software applications listed above to run your business successfully. For more information on pharma PCD franchise, call Rednirus Mart at +91-9876542225

Pharma Software Used by PCD Pharma Company in India
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Pharma Software Used by PCD Pharma Company in India
Here is the list of software used by the top PCD pharma franchise companies for their pharmaceutical business.
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